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Want some easy magic that YOU can perform?  Magic is not just for the pro's.  As a matter of fact almost everyone who has performed any magic at all started with a magic kit!  You'll find a great kit here, as well as a fun magic wand you can add on if you want to use it with your kit!

You can also request that I bring these with me to make available to your guests after a show!


D.J. Edwards Deluxe Magic Kit


Im proud to bring you my very own magic kit!  Here are some of my very favorite tricks!

They come with full, easy to follow instructions, along with some bonus tips, and of course all the props you need to perform!

I'm also throwing in the "50 Easy Magic Tricks" booklet that will teach you great magic with CARDS, MONEY, RUBBER BANDS, HANDKERCHIEVES, and lots more with items you already have at your house.

Most of these items would normally be $5.00 to $10.00 each but here in the boxed set you get them ALL for $30.00 ($3ea) and the book for free!


D.J. Edwards Magic Wand


I'm also excited to share with you this, the official "D.J. Edwards Magic Wand"  This is a beautiful black magic wand with shiny chrome tips that will add a lot to your performance as you wave it to "make" the magic happen.  You can also use it to perform 6 additional tricks especially for the magic wand itself!

It will rise, jump, make a handkerchief appear, suspend in air behind your hand and more!

The best part is that it's only $10.00

Need more MAGIC?  Check out my complete online magic store with over 600 items for hobbyists, beginners, amateurs, and professionals! 
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