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You will LAUGH with delight, sit in "jaw dropped" wonder, and be AMAZED,

as the impossible happens right in front of your eyes!

Some who have witnessed this unbelievable program have labeled D.J. a "thaumaturge" (wonder worker)!  It's been said that his program is so unique, and effective, that it's "Presti DJ tation"!

The show is full of impossible magic, hilarious comedy, crowd interaction,

moving sentiment, emotional encouragement, and lots of beautiful surprises!

Objects seem to vanish right before your eyes!  Items (and sometimes people) levitate in the air!

You'll be "spellbound" as one thing magically transforms into something completely different!

This show is 100% clean, family-friendly fun!  It will be enjoyed by all ages, even the most prestigious of audiences, with no fear of vulgarity, profanity, or crude humor.

D.J. is a real-life, practical "master" of entertainment.  In addition to being an award winning magician,

he is also an incredible "large stage" illusionist, juggler, and motivational speaker.

He tailors his show for every "size" occasion from the largest theater stage, to the smallest conference room, and everything in between.  

DJ's Magic Show-42.jpg

D.J. is a member of the highly regarded fraternities of the "International Brotherhood of Magicians", "The Society of American Magicians", and "The Fellowship of Christian Magicians."

He is also the owner of one of the oldest and most famous magic trick manufacturing companies in the world, Ickle Pickle Products.  For 50 years Ickle Pickle has created effects for magicians all around the globe.

Three decades of stage experience, his relationship with some of the greatest performers in the world, and his position in the production of magic prop equipment make him a unique expert in this field.  He is an author of instructional manuals for entertainers, an in-demand lecturer and conference speaker, in addition to his own performance schedule.

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