If you want to make the greatest impact for your guests you need to consider what REAL ENTERTAINMENT is.  "ENTER"-"TAIN"-MENT;  To have your attention "drawn" into something and "held" there.  Make sure you next entertainer is not just good at their favorite "hobby" but that they'll GIVE YOUR AUDIENCE the experience of fun, relaxation, and wonder, that everyone needs and wants!  


"Hi Everyone, on Friday night, I saw a great magic and illusion show.  If you have a chance and would like to see a really good show, they had 2 shows today and another one more tomorrow at 2pm.  It features I.B.M. member DJ Edwards and his lovely wife.  It is one of the best shows I have seen locally in a long time. Catch it if you can!"  

- Terry Richison, Vice President, 

International Brotherhood of Magicians

If you want them to LAUGH with delight, to sit with "jaws dropped" in wonder, and to be AMAZED, as they realize the impossible is happening right in front of their eyes, then you've found your entertainer right here.

Some that have witnessed D.J.'s program have found it so unbelievable that they labeled him as a "thaumaturgist" (wonder worker) instead of simply a "magician".  It's been said that his program is so unique, and effective,

that it's "Presti DJ tation"!

The show is full of impossible magic, hilarious comedy, crowd interaction, moving sentiment, emotional encouragement, and lots of beautiful surprises!

Objects seem to vanish right before your eyes!  Items, and sometimes people, levitate in the air!  You'll sit "spellbound" as one things magically transforms into something completely different!

Of the countless performances he has shared at Chamber Banquets, Award Ceremonies, Business Parties, Holiday Gatherings, City Festivals, etc, one thing that is consistently noted is his 100% clean, family-friendly, approach; that his show could be enjoyed by any age, or the most prestigious of audiences, with no fear of vulgarity, profanity, or crude humor.

D.J. is a real-life, practical "master" of entertainment.  In addition to being an award winning magician, he is also an incredible "large stage" illusionist, juggler, and motivational speaker.

He has a show for every "size" occasion from the largest theater stage, to the smallest conference room, and everything in between.  It would be no problem to tailor a program to your specific needs, and budget.

One special feature to put your mind at ease is that D.J. supplies his own professional sound system, microphone, tables, and everything else he needs to bring his show to you.  You supply the venue.  He does everything else.

He is also a member of the highly regarded fraternities of the "International Brotherhood of Magicians", "The Society of American Magicians", and "The Fellowship of Christian Magicians."