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D.J. was raised at "The First Baptist Church" of Flat River (now Park Hills) MO.  In 1987 at 6 years old, he knelt down on his bedroom floor and asked Jesus to come into his heart and life.  He's been telling everybody about Him ever since!


He was always shy when it came to crowds,  and never able to participate in children's programs, etc.  He did love magic tricks though and had a desire to perform them for people, as well as to spread the Gospel.  Realizing he could use this as an attention grabbing tool, and having dreams that he was using it as a ministry, a verse rose up in his heart... "I can do all things through Christ, which strengtheneth me." Phillipians 4:13


At 12 years old he began sharing family entertainment programs and presenting the Gospel.  Literally thousands have responded since that time.


Along with his wife Rose and their two children, Moriah and Deacon, they serve The Lord with a passion to spread His love and bring joy and encouragement to everyone they can.


D.J. is a member of "The Fellowship of Christian Magicians" * "The International Brotherhood of Magicians" *"The Society of American Magicians" and "World Ministry Fellowship".

D.J. is also a recognized "Upward Sports" entertainer.  He's very proud to be part of this nationally noted soul winning ministry, which pours into the lives of young people in countless churches across the United States.

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