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In our 19 years of doing Upward,
this was the greatest Award Night we have ever had!

"Upward Sports Award Entertainer D. J.  Edwards was invited to appear, and  he was a virtual “slam dunk.” 


  After catching the attention of 185 boys and girls, and their families, through his magical act, he then gave a presentation of the Gospel and 60 made first time decisions to accept Christ.  The follow-up on our part revealed how real those responses were.

D.J. has a gift for "putting the cookies on the lower shelf" so even children can reach them.  He gives the Gospel message in terms plain and simple.

We had D.J. back two months later for our Prayer Champion Banquet of sixty adults and 70 young people who are engaged in intercessory prayer throughout the school year, and again D.J. rang the bell.

We whole-heartedly endorse D.J. Edwards and his ministry, and recommend him to any and every church and event!



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30 Years of Gospel Ministry!

Upward Sports Entertainer, D.J. Edwards has been sharing this unique Evangelistic Outreach for a long time.  He has been "wowing" audiences with ILLUSIONS and SLEIGHT OF HAND for 3 decades!  


Crowds are delighted to witness the impossible, and laugh like crazy at all the hilarious comedy!  They're inspired by the moving, and SIMPLE, presentation of God's gift of salvation offered through Jesus Christ death at Calvary's Cross. 

Raised at the First Baptist Church of Flat River, Missouri under the ministries of the late Pastor Dr Martin Brockett and the late Pastor Rick Wadley, D.J. has had a passion for sharing the Gospel nearly all of his life.

At 6 years old he asked his babysitter some spiritual questions.  She said "Do you know what it means to be saved?", and went on to explain that why we need God's forgiveness, through Jesus' payment on the cross.  Little did she know that when D.J. went back to his room, he got on the floor and prayed for God's forgiveness, and that Jesus would come to live inside of him.  "I felt something down in my heart at that moment.  I knew I was forgiven.  I knew He had moved in."

He was baptized soon after, and began to evangelize the playground at school, telling everyone that would listen.

D.J. was in love with magic tricks as young as four years old, when his grandfather made a quarter "disappear" into a little glass of water.  By 11 he had a serious interest in the art of illusions.  This was sealed when the famous Evangelist/Illusionist, Felix Snipes, held a weekend crusade at D.J.'s home church in 1994.  Because D.J. was best friends with the pastor's son he was able to spend a lot of time with the visiting performer, and ask lots of questions during meals, and the car rides back and forth.

Within a few short months D.J. was performing at lots of outreach events for various local churches, grabbing attention, and sharing the Gospel.  People responded in nearly every invitation.  "At this point, I have seen multiple thousands make decisions to place faith in Jesus redemptive work at Calvary."

Through the years the burden to share God's plan of salvation has only grown more intense.  With more people challenging the Gospel than ever before, we have a greater responsibility to present it more than ever before!

Hear what others have to say...

Nazarene Pastor Richard Stout recommends Christian Entertainer Gospel Magician D.J. Edwards

Pastor Richard Stout- First Church of the Nazarene, Sikeston, MO

DJ Edwards was a phenomenal addition to our Upward Soccer season! Not only did DJ work us into a packed schedule, he was willing to work with us in a number of ways to make it possible.  As much as everyone loved the illusions that he performed, I was most impressed by the way he integrated the Gospel.  I couldn't be more pleased.  He was courteous, professional, friendly, funny and gifted in his craft.  I would recommend him to anyone considering him for their event."

Pastor Josh Rinker First Baptist recommends Christian Entertainer Gospel Magician D.J. Edwards

Josh Rinker - Upward Director

First Baptist, Desloge, MO

"We had D.J. for our Upward Basketball awards ceremony.  The show was top notch!  D.J. captivated the audience from the youngest to the oldest.  The interaction was outstanding. 


We can’t wait to have him back"

Pastor March Van Raalten Evangelical Free recommends Christian Entertainer Gospel Magician D.J. Edwards

Pastor Marco VanRaalten - Covenant Bible Church, Farmington, MO

You may be fooled by his tricks, but you won't be fooled by the Message. I heartily recommend this engaging, fun and powerful presentation for anyone looking to make a lasting impact in the hearts and minds of people."

Pastor Brian  and Pam Sharp World Ministry Fellowship recommends Christian Entertainer Gospel Magician D.J. Edwards

Pastor Brian Sharp - President

World Ministry Fellowship, Dallas, TX

"D.J. has been to our church several times and the response is always very positive. His ability to draw people in with illusions, then present  Biblical truth is truly amazing, and people will not soon forget.


D.J. is a top-notch illusionist but more important is his heart for God and people. I have no hesitation recommending D.J. Edwards to minister in any church or event. He will be a tremendous blessing."

Pasto Jerry Moore New Covenant Poplar Bluff recommends Christian Entertainer Gospel Magician D.J. Edwards

Pastor Jerry Moore - New Covenant Fellowship, Poplar Bluff, MO

I've known D.J. for over 20 years.  He has a gift to adapt his “magic” to any audience.  His  integrity is beyond reproach.  His sensitivity to the Spirit is remarkable.  


I highly recommend D.J.  You will not be disappointed!"

Pastor Mark Winn First Baptist recommends Christian Entertainer Gospel Magician D.J. Edwards

Pastor Mark Winn - First Baptist Church, Lesterville, MO

I recommend D.J. Edwards for any ministry event where you desire to have the Word of God presented in a special way that will capture the hearts and minds of all those that attend.  It was also refreshing working with a man in ministry who loves the Lord and who allows His Spirit to guide his life."

"WOW! That's the word I would use to describe DJ Edwards performance at our recent outreach. From my first email to the very last magic trick DJ was such a pleasure to work with. His ability to engage the audience, keep their attention, and do some TOP NOTCH  tricks was second to none! I was completely blown away by the quality of the show and the quality of his message. He had it all… humor, entertainment, inspiration, and most importantly, a clear and concise presentation of the Gospel. If you’re looking for something that can reach across the age spectrum that's entertaining and inspiring, then look no further. DJ Edwards is your man!"



Our program hosted DJ Edwards as our end of season entertainment. His presentation not only kept the audience (Kindergarten to High School, along with adults) entertained and captivated but his Gospel presentation was so effective! We had pastors in attendance and they even agreed that his presentation of the Gospel message was one of the best they’ve seen. DJ will definitely be someone we contact for future use at our events. We had over 10 receive Christ through DJ’s Gospel presentation! That outcome was overwhelming and such a blessing! I would highly recommend having him at your next event!



We’ve had entertainment for our year end Upwards award ceremony for the last 25 years. DJ’s show was by far the best. The magic was amazing. He was entertaining and sincere. His gospel presentation was spot on and simple enough for both kids and adults. I look forward to having him back at the church next year!!!



"You did a wonderful job with sharing the gospel in a way that the kids understood.  They were so engaged the whole time.  We had 29 kids get saved!  PTL!!!!  This is our 9th year of Upward and it was the best gospel presentation ever!! Great Job and Thank You so much!! "



Master Magician DJ Edwards did a great job keeping the audience focused, entertained, and most importantly presented the gospel story and what it means to say the prayer of forgiveness!  He was very easy to work with and just what our program needed.  We had several who came forward for  the altar call and then followed up with Upward volunteers and staff with their own questions.  Baptisms are a huge part of our program and his presentation went right along with our purpose.  Thank you DJ!!!




"I have been close friends with D.J. Edwards for over a decade. His life and ministry have been a tremendous blessing to me and my church. 


He is a man of excellence.  He is a man on a mission to bring the Good News of God's great love and grace to people all over the world… not only through dynamic, anointed teaching and preaching, but also through his faith-based, family friendly, magic/illusion shows. 


Everything that D.J. Edwards does is done with extreme class and quality.  I have had him minister at The Grace Center many times, and I have been blessed to attend several of his magic shows.  His ability to connect with people in the pulpit and through his magic shows is amazing.  He has an uncanny ability to reach people of all ages. 


This Man of God, his ministry, and D.J. Edwards Family Entertainment come with my highest recommendation.  Book him today! He will bless you immensely."



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